Halal series

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Wheat Peptone FE1 is a mixture of wheat and yeast peptones. It contains a mix of peptides, free amino acids, minerals and un-known growth factors.


YEAST PEPTONE F800 contains high amounts of nucleotides 5'GMP and 5'IMP. It provides excellent source of nitrogen, vitamins,minerals for microbial media and fermentations. Vitamin B enriched.


Polypeptone S2-3110 contains a mix of peptides and free amino acids. Polypeptone S2-3110 is manufactured with raw materials from vegetal origin only. Polypeptone S2-3110 is guaranteed "non GMO".


Plant Peptone E1 is manufactured by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of potato proteins. Fine cream powder. Plant Peptone E1 contains a mix of peptides and free amino acids. Plant Peptone E1 is manufactured with raw materials from vegetal origin only.